9 experts say, against Emmanuel Macron, that wine is as dangerous as other alcohols

Under the leadership of Professor Michel Reynaud, a recognized expert on addictions, there are nine signatures * of undisputed experts who have been outraged by the arguments of the President of the Republic in favor of wine.

Nine experts denounce the claims of Emmanuel Macron and repeat that wine is an alcohol ... like the others. The president was probably motivated to calm the wave of professional outrage aroused by the words, justified, Agnès Buzyn, responsible minister of health and especially professor of medicine, who knows the ravages of alcohol in our country .

She will have to learn, that at the time of the agricultural show, the consumption of wine becomes again an honorable national sport, and to say that it is an alcohol like the others, an unworthy affirmation ... Nevertheless:

Wine is an alcohol

A glass of wine contains as much alcohol as half a beer or a commercial dose of whiskey. No doubt about it.
It is the amount of alcohol consumed that defines alcoholism ... not the quality of alcohol. And on the wine side, the French are rather champions of the world.

Alcohol is a global scourge

Zero points for alcohol: according to WHO, every 10 seconds, in the world, a person dies because of alcohol. Another study, published by the WHO, shows that the benefits of red wine for the heart would be a myth!
Three million deaths, that's what alcohol did in one year, 2012. Three million is more than AIDS, tuberculosis and violence combined.

According to the WHO report, the largest consumers of alcohol are Russia (although the latter has improved its scores), Eastern European countries, Portugal, followed by the majority of the European Union.

We now realize that more than 200 diseases are linked to alcohol: cardiovascular, infections, cancers, etc ..., but also traffic accidents and homicides: overall, 7% of men and 4% of women die of d a cause related to alcohol.
Good news, however, not everyone drinks alcohol: 60% of the world's population does not drink at all.

Alcohol is dangerous

Alcohol is not a stimulant, but it slows down the activity of the brain. That's why it causes car accidents. The cheerfulness and excitement that follow the absorption of alcohol are therefore decoys. In the same way, one must be wary of aperitifs lying around, or "pots" in the office. Drinking without eating makes you drunk a lot faster.

Also, drinking to warm up is heresy. There is certainly a feeling of warmth because alcohol causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Unfortunately, this reaction lowers body temperature.
In fact, an alcoholic is less resistant to cold ... And if you think a little, you will understand why the Saint Bernard with his little barrel of rum under the collar had the same effect for the missing in the snow that a burst of machine gun. Legends have a hard life ... Just like the one that claims that alcohol keeps.

To return to the so-called protective role of alcohol, it is American studies that have shown that the risk of heart attack, for example, is lower among those who consume a little alcohol each day than among the followers. sobriety. However, first, it is only a small decrease observed in an epidemiological study unable to establish a causal link, then the risk of skidding, and therefore of alcoholism, seems more important than the protection. .

When mom drinks ... baby toast

There is no longer any doubt: alcohol is toxic in the pregnant woman, for her, of course, but especially for the embryo or fetus she carries in her.
Indeed, alcohol passes through the placenta, which is a real filter, and can then turn into a formidable poison for the baby's nerve cells. These notions are essential and should be known or communicated to all pregnant women or likely to be.

Of course, everyone knows that alcoholic beverages consumed regularly and in high doses have serious consequences on the development, morphology and intellectual abilities of the child when he is still in the womb of his mother. Significant and irreversible abnormalities: the child will have a growth retardation and more or less marked malformations of the face and the heart, the eyes or the bone apparatus. Among these lesions, mental retardation and behavioral disorders are almost systematic. In short, when mom drinks a lot, baby drinks so much and becomes a real handicapped.

In fact, true female alcoholism has become the exception and belongs to a past that can be thought of as a thing of the past. But gynecologists are faced with a large majority of pregnant women who consume alcoholic beverages in small quantities, and occasionally, for pleasure and conviviality.
However, all specialists agree on one point: it has never been shown that one or two glasses of alcohol had no harmful effect on the baby. It is this message that all specialists would like women to hear, but long before they are pregnant.
Thus they would apply this sovereign principle of precaution which is so good in medicine. And this would prevent some of them to be terrified at the memory of the champagne they swallowed some time ago when they had no idea of ​​the risk they ran to their baby. Of course, this principle also applies to acute alcoholizations, in a word, cooked.
The conclusion is simple: as a precaution, it is better to abstain. When you are pregnant, zero alcohol.

Acute alcoholism is not trivial

Young French adults drink less regularly than their elders, but an activity does not slow down its popularity: that of the occasional cooking, it seems even more frequent than formerly, and especially much more violent.
A worrying acute alcoholism which one must meditate the different stages.

With an alcohol content of between 1 to 2 grams per liter of blood, drunkenness begins with a simple and rather pleasant phase of excitement. The young person discovers disinhibition, an alteration of attention, judgment, reaction time, critical sense, memory and adaptation to reality.
This is the time for stupid betting, euphoria, the desire to tell everyone's life ... and to continue drinking.

The very rapid transition from sadness to aggression makes one fear the incoordination and instability phase, where the alcohol concentration is between 2 and 3 grams. If there is somnolence, a vague look, a lack of coordination of movements, especially an inability to stand or walk and insensitivity to pain, it is necessary to fear the coma ethyl that occurs when the rate exceeds 3 grams . This is what popular language calls being "dead drunk": the vital prognosis is engaged - dozens of young people die every year - and depends on the quality of care.

Other profiles of alcoholism

There are also particular forms of drunkenness: having the bad wine is a state of paroxysmal fury with uncontrollable physical violence. Or the hallucinatory intoxication, a nightmarish distortion of reality with visual and auditory hallucinations, from which it is sometimes difficult to get out.

These cooked, the younger the drinker, the hotter or hotter, can lead to other serious complications, such as acute destruction of the liver, especially if other toxins are associated.

Or, in a deep coma, while lying on the ground, there is a fouling of the muscles that are irreparably destroyed. We can also mention the compression of vessels and nerves, so definitive sequelae, not to mention the entry into a serious psychiatric illness.

Admittedly, this blackboard is not frequent, but still we must suspect the existence, which is not the rule in our country, quite the contrary.

* The signatories of the tribune

Professor Michel Reynaud, President of Fonds Actions Addictions, President and Vice-President of the National Association of Prevention in Alcoholology and Addiction (ANPAA),

Dr. Irène Frachon, pulmonologist

Pr Catherine Hill, epidemiologist

Professor Serge Hercberg, nutrition expert

Pr Amine Benyamina, addictologist

Albert Hirsch, League Against Cancer

Pr Gérard Dubois, Academy of Medicine

Dr. Nicolas Simon, addictologist

Dr. Bernard Basset, addictologist