"The majority of people who come to the emergency should not be there" according to Agnès Buzyn

City medicine must be reformed to relieve emergency services. Health Minister Agnès Buzyn believes that a "majority of people should not be" in the emergency room.

Strasbourg, Lyon or Bourges, several emergency services have been on strike in recent weeks throughout France. In some cases, the strike is still going on. All denounce the lack of means and working conditions too bad.

Invited Sunday of the issue Political issues on France Inter / France Info / Le Monde, the Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn spoke on the subject. She said: "There is a clear problem with emergencies. (...) They are totally engorged because the majority of people who come there should not be there. According to her, it is necessary to reform city medicine to cope with the overcrowding of emergency services.

A report on unscheduled care

It is "imperative to organize city medicine so that it can handle a lot of requests from patients who have nothing to do with emergencies," said the Minister of Health.

A report is being made by the deputy (LREM), also urgentist, Thomas Mesnier on "unscheduled care". It must limit the use of emergency services.

The epidemics in question

According to the minister, we must work on the flexibility of emergencies. That is to say increase the capacity to open beds when there is an epidemic. For Agnès Buzyn, this year's influenza epidemic explains "to a large extent the congestion of emergencies". "We can not be moved each year from the congestion of emergencies in December-January-February and then not to be vaccinated against the flu," she said.

Since January 10, the association Samu-Urgences de France has launched the "no bed challenge". The site counts daily the number of patients who stayed at night on stretchers due to lack of space, in order to sensitize the decision-makers to the overcrowding of the emergency services. Since the launch, more than 20,000 patients have spent one night on a stretcher.