AIDS: victims of the success of the film "120 beats per minute", the leaders of Act-Up Paris resign

Following a general meeting last Saturday, the management team of the AIDS Society Act-Up Paris resigned. According to her, the success of the film "120 beats per minute" has brought a generation of "politicized militants".

This is an unexpected consequence of the 120 beats per minute film, one of the biggest cinematographic successes of last year and recently awarded six Césars, including Best Film. On Saturday, March 31st, the management team of Act-Up Paris, the anti-AIDS organization at the heart of the feature film, resigned.

???? Following the extraordinary general meeting held on Saturday, March 31, a new team has been elected to the Board of Directors of @ actupparis

- Act Up-Paris (@actupparis) March 31, 2018

In a statement, the outgoing team said that after a difficult period, when the association was even placed in receivership (in 2014), the release of the film caused a wave of arrivals. With, among them, "young militants already politicized and experienced in other struggles, including anti-racism". The two former co-presidents, Rémy Hamai and Mikaël Zenouda, as well as former vice-president Xavier Coeur-Jolly, claim that they "hijack and exploit the Act-Up tool, using its history, to implement before other struggles ".

A new team

The former team, "disgusted to the point of resigning" was replaced at the end of a general meeting by a new one. Some newly elected people would be in the association for a few weeks. The two new vice-presidents are Fabrice Clouzeau and Marc-Antoine Bartoli.

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