Exoskeleton: French paraplegics will be able to walk again

For the first time in France, an exoskeleton will be marketed. His goal: to allow paraplegics to walk again.

This is a hope for all paraplegics: exoskeletons. These structures are technology concentrates that allow these people to walk again. If tests are already conducted, a company, Harmonie Medical Service, markets the first model in France.

Led through a Bluetooth watch

Rewalk is the name of this exoskeleton that will be presented in France in June. Made in Israel, it is tested by a Frenchman, Anthony Esteve. A 26-year-old man turned paraplegic in 2014 after an accident. Rewalk is a robot he can wear. Once strapped at the level of the lower body (feet, knees, hips), it can control through a Bluetooth watch the robot, and so walk. Anthony Estève launched a kitty on the Internet to fund the device. Because technology is expensive. The exoskeleton of Rewalk is worth 80,000 euros.

Clinical trials in France

If this exoskeleton is the first to be marketed, trials are conducted around the world. This is the case at Clinatec within CHU Grenoble, it is a biomedical research center. For the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) project, the researchers created a system that works with a chip placed in the patient's head. This allows you to capture the cerebral signals of the patient. In fact, the person will imagine making a movement, this cerebral signal is captured and decoded by an algorithm. Then the computer will concretize this thought in motion by giving an order to the exoskeleton. The Grenoble researchers will continue their tests. For now, two patients have received the chip. Three more people are expected to participate in the trial soon.

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