Irritations and allergies: pay attention to deodorants based on essential oils

60 million consumers warn against deodorants and diffusers based on essential oils, responsible for allergies and irritations.

On labels, "natural products" can also rhyme with "potential risks". This is the lesson learned by 60 million consumers, who has just demonstrated that deodorants with essential oils are not safe.

Sanitizers? Purifiers? In fact, # deodorants with essential oils are often very polluting and allergenic, according to the test results of @ 60million. #sessential oils #pollution #interior //

- 60 million (@ 60million) May 24, 2018

Allergenic perfumes

17 products (12 sprays and aerosols and 5 passive diffusers) were analyzed. As a result, allergenic perfumes - limonene, geraniol or linalool - have been found almost everywhere. The tests even allowed to count up to 23 undesirable ingredients in the deodorants "Puressentiel" (aerial spray, 41 essential oils) and "Baccide" (sanitizing spray with essential oils).
In addition, some of these products, to vaporize or to pose, emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) in quantity sometimes very high. The respiratory tract can be irritated, just like the skin. "The exposure also occurs at the skin level, to a lesser extent, because the non-volatilized droplets are likely to fall on the skin," says 60 million consumers.

No information on labels

"Puressentiel", the second most expensive deodorant of the panel, thus collects the worst rating. It is fishing in the measure of toxicity, risks to inhalation and risks in contact with the skin. "Bouquet perfumed with organic essential oils" of the brand Florame, yet labeled Ecocert, also does poorly, far behind its competitors Air Wick and Ira.
"In store, no information on the labels can distinguish the most virtuous products.On contrary, the terms used convey an image of natural, which can be perceived by the general public as a guarantee of safety," laments 60 millions of consumers.

Unexpected side effects

Remember that if eight million vials of essential oil are sold each year in France, some may have unexpected side effects. This is the case of essential oil of lavender and tea tree which, used frequently, can cause hormonal imbalances in men by developing the growth of the breasts.

60 million consumers already noted last year that 2435 reports involving an essential oil were made on all nine poison and poison control centers in 2014. These were most often children with pain at the level of mouth and pharynx, vomiting and cough, after accidental ingestion of these products very (too much?) in fashion.