This brioche bread will be sold in pharmacy and reimbursed by social security in September

Designed to maintain the muscle mass of seniors and patients "increased protein needs, in the case of a pathology (cancer, HIV ...)", this bun will be sold in pharmacies and reimbursed by social security in September.

A small roll paid for by social security? This may seem unlikely but it will be the case as early as September. Brioche bread called "G-nutrition" with vanilla taste, intended for seniors to maintain their muscle mass and fight against the effects of aging, will be prescribed by prescription, available in pharmacies and reimbursed by Social Security.

His particuliarity ? Rich in protein (20.6 grams per 100 grams of bread), it weighs 65 grams and contains vitamins B12, B6 and B2, as well as calcium and selenium. Ideal for the elderly, patients with "increased protein needs, in the case of a pathology (cancer, HIV ...) or muscle wasting," says the laboratory Cérélab, creator of this miracle bun.

An order issued Official newspaper July 9, 2018 indicates that the refund will be valid until July 31, 2023 for the moment, that it will be conditioned by carton of 12 loaves and that its limit date of consumption is 70 days. Each bread will be sold in an individual package, which will allow them to be easily transported during the day.

Ten years of research

It took ten years for the different actors of this project (National Institute of Agricultural Research, University Hospital of Dijon, Center for Taste and Food Sciences, etc ...) to design this miracle bun made in Burgundy. The laboratory, which describes itself as "the catalyst of innovation at the interface of the actors of the sector (...) works to find solutions to major agronomic and food challenges".

Its role is to "design and develop products for populations with specific nutritional needs" such as "the elderly", "athletes" and those "sensitive to gluten". It also accompanies the "placing on the market" of products by giving "advice on the regulatory nutritional levels (ADDFMS, dietetic products, ...)", by writing "marketing declarations" and by taking care of " nutrition and health claims ".

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