Alcohol: Moderate drinkers suffer less dementia than abstainers

According to a new study, moderate drinkers of alcohol are less affected by dementia than abstainers.

Drinking alcohol in moderation would protect against senile dementia. In any case, more than not to drink at all. This is the result of a study published in the British Medical Journal. Nearly 9,000 British civil servants born between 1930 and 1950 were followed for 23 years.

47% higher risk

Among those aged 30 to 50, those who reported never drinking alcohol were 47% more likely to have senile dementia than those who reported drinking moderately (ie one to fourteen sips). of alcohol per week). Senile dementia is a progressive disease. It refers to a loss of cognitive function and particularly affects the elderly.

On the other hand, the researchers of the study underline that it is not worthwhile to start drinking without moderation. Consuming alcohol beyond the recommended limit increases the risk of developing senile dementia. In addition, published results should be taken with hindsight. This study remains a statistical study only. It does not establish a causal link.

There is danger to health

Cancers, cirrhosis, heart problems ... Everyone knows today what are the risks of excessive alcohol consumption. According to a recent study, it would take between one and three glasses of alcohol per week to minimize the risk of developing cancer or premature death.

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