In the United States, 80% of HIV infections from people who are unaware of being HIV-positive or untreated

80% of HIV infections in the United States are caused by people who are unaware that they are HIV-positive, or by patients who know their status but are not receiving any treatment.

This is an implacable and disturbing figure: in the United States, 80% of HIV infections occur by people who are unaware of their HIV status or who are ill but not treated.

This is highlighted by a new study of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), based on 2016 data. Commissioned by the government of Donald Trump, it estimates in detail that 38% of infections come from HIV-positive people are unaware of their status, and 43% come from people who know their status but are not receiving treatment for HIV.

As for the 20% of the remaining contaminations, they concern people treated but in whom the virus still remains present in their organism at a detectable level. According to the study, it is mainly financial or social reasons that prevent them from complying with their antiretroviral treatment. For example, the gross cost of Trogarzo, a drug that arrived in the US market in the spring of 2018, is estimated at $ 118,000 a year, or just over $ 100,000.

10% of injections contaminations

However, when taken regularly, anti-HIV treatments are effective: the study estimates that half a million people treated with viral load became undetectable, half of all people with HIV in the United States. -United. These are not the source of any new contamination.

The study also highlights the group most at risk. According to his figures, these are homosexuals, who represent more than half of the country's HIV-positive population. Three-quarters of new infections are due to sex between men. 5% of infections are due to the use of drug syringes by male homosexuals. 10% of infections are due to injection of drugs and 12% concern heterosexuals. The infection rate is higher among young people, especially 13-24 year olds.

Reduce new infections by 90% within 10 years

These new data on HIV infections do not happen by chance. They are even an integral part of Donald Trump's recently announced policy to end the HIV / AIDS epidemic within the next 10 years in the country.

In fact, last February, in his annual speech to Congress, the US president proposed a new investment of $ 291 million for the next budget year to stop the epidemic. Since 2013, the number of patients has stagnated, with 39,000 new infections per year. "My budget will call on Democrats and Republicans to find ways to end the HIV epidemic in the United States in the next 10 years, and together we will defeat AIDS in America and beyond," Donald Trump said. Senators, who wants to reduce the number of new contaminations by 75% within 5 years and 90% within 10 years.

To do this, the President's strategy has two focuses: first to improve screening, especially among at-risk populations, but also to help patients to receive appropriate treatment as soon as the test results. For this reason, according to the authors of the study, it is necessary to strengthen the federal HIV / AIDS program "Ryan White", intended for the poor or uninsured patients.

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