On average, our general practitioners work 54 hours a week

French GPs work an average of 54 hours a week, according to a new Drees survey.

Liberal general practitioners report working an average of 54 hours in a typical work week, according to a Drees survey of 3,300 practitioners.

Consultations that last on average 18 minutes

About a third say they work less than 50 hours a week and a quarter 60 hours or more. Longer duration in men than in women and, in general, in practitioners older than 50 years. "The average duration of weekly working time remains almost stable since 2014, after a decrease between 2011 and 2014," says the survey.

They spend 44 hours and 30 minutes with patients, with office visits lasting an average of 18 minutes. On average, liberal general practitioners spend 5 hours and 30 minutes per week on management and coordination tasks and 2 hours on updating knowledge.

6 weeks of vacation per year

"This liberal time that is not spent directly on patients is fairly constant, regardless of the profile of the general practitioner.The average time spent with patients varies more, depending on the age of the practitioner (41 hours and 30 hours). minutes for the under 50s, against nearly 46 hours for the over 50s). Women spend 41 hours with their patients, men 46 hours and 30 minutes, "say the authors of the study. In addition, an average of 2 hours per week are dedicated to other activities, such as hospital breaks or work in the Ehpad, for example.
In 2017, general practitioners took 6.2 weeks of holidays on average. In the end, 60% of general practitioners say that their schedules are adapted to their private life, even though they far exceed 35 hours. "All other things being equal, this favorable assessment of her working hours is all the more frequent as the weekly workload is low and the doctor is aged 60 or over," note the statisticians.

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