It is removed 116 nails of the stomach: what is acuphagia?

Indian doctors say they removed 116 iron nails housed in a patient's stomach.

Bhola Shankar, a 43-year-old gardener living in northwestern India (Rajasthan), presented to the hospital on May 13 for stomach aches. The caregivers did not find any clinical signs that could be related to a classic pathology, so they decided to make him a radio.

Stunned, they then discovered 116 iron nails lodged in the patient's stomach, each 6.5 centimeters long. Luckily, none of the nails had perforated the abdominal wall. They could be extracted from Bhola Shankar thanks to a surgery, practiced urgently the day after his hospitalization.

Pica Syndrome

Questioned, the gardener did not know why he had so many nails in the stomach, and the doctors also did not know how long scrap was there. While Bhola Shankar is now totally physically challenged, practitioners believe that he may be suffering from Pica Syndrome, a severe eating disorder.
Pica is characterized by the lasting ingestion (over a month) of non-nutritive and inedible substances: earth, chalk, sand, paper, plastic, white lead, vegetable hedge, diapers, cigarette ash, etc. The pica can be benign, or on the contrary put in game the prognosis vital.


The different types of pica are generally distinguished by the nature of the elements ingested. The most widespread form of pica, historically and geographically, and the most studied, is geophagy (ingestion of soil). It is an almost universal phenomenon, reported at all times, which involves ingesting mud, clay, chalk ... or any other type of earth or mineral, for nutritional, cultural or cultural reasons. psychological.
The gardener Bhola Shankar would suffer acuphagia, which refers to the ingestion of sharp objects. Very rare, this eating disorder is extremely dangerous for the one who suffers, since it can destroy its intestines, and thus die.

Video: 116 iron nails, wire removed from man's stomach in Rajasthan. 10TV News (December 2019).