Poland: it gives birth to sextuplets

A 29-year-old Polish woman gave birth to six babies.

This is a rare event, which only had a chance on 4.7 billion to occur, according to doctors. In Krakow, a young Polish woman, already the mother of a child, gave birth to sextuplets. These are four girls and two boys, born by caesarean section at the 29th week of pregnancy.

"Both the mother and the children are doing well," said a spokeswoman for the hospital. The six infants weigh between 890 and 1300 grams, according to doctors, and will be in incubator for several weeks. According to Polish President Andrzej Duda, "this is the first case of its kind in Poland".

Niesamowita wiadomo ??! W Krakowie urodzi? Y si? dzi? 6-Raczki. To pierwszy taki przypadek w Polsce. Mama and Dzieci (4 dziewczynki i 2 ch? Opców) czuj? if? dobrze (jak na t? wyj? tkow? sytuacj?). Gratulacje i podzi? Kowania dla Rodzicow i Personelu Medycznego! //t.co/UoEx57e4YK

- Andrzej Duda (@AndrzejDuda) May 20, 2019

A sixth surprise baby

While the doctors expected the arrival of five quintuplets, a sixth baby arrived by surprise. Fortunately, the delivery went well: "The mother is very active, smiling and happy, she was able to touch the sixth baby while waiting for the sixth incubator," says the doctor.

The hospital explains that one of the children needed intubation, but is already prepared to return to noninvasive breathing. Indeed, the six brothers and sisters are very premature and are, for the moment, unable to control their own breathing. In the incubator, babies are fed through a small tube that passes directly into the stomach through the nostril or mouth, to minimize the effort required to suck and swallow.

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