USA: Six-year-old boy has never been able to eat because of an extremely rare digestive disease

Following a mutation in a gene linked to the immune system, Cohen Bramlee can literally not swallow anything without vomiting.

It is the only known case in the world. Cohen Bramlee, a 6-year-old American, suffers from a digestive disease that prevents him from eating properly. He must soon undergo an operation that could perhaps finally allow him to eat.

6-Year-Old Boy Has a Disease So Rare, He May Be the First to Have It #SuperHeroCohen //

- Carrie Bramlee (@cbramlee) August 14, 2019

Five years waiting to find the diagnosis

When Cohen was four months old, her parents, Todd and Carrie, followed the pediatricians' recommendations by feeding her solid food. The first symptoms of the disease appeared: the little boy was just throwing up. Since then, he has been fed intravenously. Over time, his parents realized that he was more fragile than others because he was regularly sick, had fever or infections. Doctors have quickly thought of a disease related to the immune system, but the diagnosis takes time, the child spends nearly 180 days in hospital each year. After five years without finding the cause of his suffering, Cohen is sent to a center at Duke University (North Carolina) specializing in unknown diseases. The researchers discovered that the boy has a mutation on one of the genes associated with the immune system. The latter over-reacts when the boy swallows food.

The hope of bone marrow transplant

Today, his liver, pancreas and gallbladder have been damaged by the disease, but his entourage has been relieved since a diagnosis was made. "He was very sick," his mother Carrie told the newspaper Peoplewe've almost lost him many times, so knowing that there's a chance for him, not just being healthier, but being healed is unimaginable. "Cohen will soon have a bone marrow transplant This is the first time that this unnamed disease has been diagnosed, but the doctors believe that other cases could be discovered.

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