Sleep: 7 reasons why sleeping naked is good for your health

Falling asleep faster, boosting your libido, avoiding infections, improving your fertility and self-esteem ... the benefits of sleeping naked are many. Why Doctor makes the point.

Sleeping naked is nice, most people agree on this point. And yet, only 10% of French people cross the cap. Perhaps they will change their minds by learning seven scientific reasons why staying overnight in one's simplest device is good for your health.

1 / It helps to fall asleep faster

By falling asleep naked, you will have more chance to fall asleep quickly. Body temperature is one of the keys to the proper functioning of the circadian rhythm or biological clock. It changes throughout the day, decreasing gradually during the evening. This is one of the reasons why you start slacking at a certain time. Sleeping naked will allow you to lower your body temperature faster, helping you sink into Morpheus's arms faster. So downstairs overheated rooms and pajamas.

2 / It's good for skin and hair

This famous drop in body temperature does not only help you sleep fast, it also stimulates an anti-aging hormone, melatonin. This regenerates cells and improves the quality of the skin and hair.

3 / It helps prevent infections

Forgetting his clothes allows the body to breathe and thus reduce perspiration, humidity and consequently the production of bacteria and infections, especially vaginal for women. Because remember that the vagina is a hot and humid environment, which makes it the ideal place for the proliferation of bacteria. Sleeping naked can help reduce the risk of fungal infections by allowing some of the heat and moisture in the vagina to escape during the night. Regarding the bed, prefer cotton sheets to synthetic materials, which breathe less well.

4 / It's better for the planet

Nudity means more pajamas and less laundry and less water. Logically.

5 / It's good for libido

One would have suspected, sleeping naked can give ideas to your partner and help to revive / maintain the flame. According to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom in 2014 among a thousand married couples, 57% of those who slept naked were "extremely happy" with their couple, compared with 48% who preferred to sleep in their pajamas. "There are a lot of factors that can affect the success of a relationship, but a very important factor is the bedroom environment," said Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, a researcher who participated in the study.

6 / It's good for male fertility

In 2018, researchers found, after a study of 656 men, that those who wore boxers produced more sperm than those who wore more fitted underwear. No doubt because relatively loose underwear helps keep the testicles cool. On the contrary, high temperatures in the scrotum can negatively affect their functioning. Logically, sleeping naked could ventilate your testicles at night, thus improving sperm production.

7 / It improves the quality of life

According to another study, also published in 2018, participating in "naturist activities" could improve the quality of life, the image of one's body and self-esteem. We imagine that it also works with sleeping in Adam's or Eve's outfit.

In addition, when you sleep in pajamas, undergarments or under a duvet, you limit your production of somatropin or growth hormone. This prevents you from burning your fat during the night and disrupts your muscle recovery. On the contrary, sleeping naked will help you release your movements and regulate your levels of cortisol or stress hormones, which will reduce your blood pressure, stimulate your appetite and improve your libido. We come back to it.

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