Alcohol in football stadiums: Agnès Buzyn would like to ban it in VIP lodges

Not only does the Minister of Health refuse to soften the Evin law in football stadiums, but she is also starting to think about banning alcohol in VIP lounges where it is currently licensed, she told BFMTV. August 21st.

"The question is perhaps to remove the alcohol in the VIP boxes". Health Minister Agnès Buzyn refuses not only to relax the Evin law in football stadiums where alcohol can not be sold in the stands but she even plans to ban VIP users, as she announced on BFMTV Wednesday, August 21.

In July, 105 deputies from the Republic in March have submitted a proposal for a law to "relax in a framed manner" in stadiums the Evin law, which, since 1991, prohibits the sale, distribution and introduction of alcoholic beverages in physical activity and sports establishments. Their aim is to extend "the granting of temporary authorizations for the sale of alcohol to sports companies", as is already done in Germany or England.

Out of the question for the Minister of Health. "I say no to the relaxation of the Evin law, because I think that sport is an ideal time to promote health, to make young people want to have good habits, and so it is not not at that moment when we want to see acute alcoholism, even violence, and on the other hand, this relaxation would also make it possible to advertise, "she explained to Jean's microphone. -Jacques Bourdin on BFMTV. After learning that you can consume alcohol in VIP boxes, that she never "frequent", she also wonders if the real question is "not rather" to ban it there too .

"Fervor does not need alcohol to express itself in our stadiums"

This statement follows the controversy it provoked on social networks in taking a stand against the bill on Twitter on August 9. Many netizens had rebelled against the hypocrisy of banning alcohol from spectators in grandstands while flowing in VIP lounges.

Alcohol kills 41,000 people every year in our country. Each of these deaths is preventable.
Do not let new incentives for alcohol consumption be complicit in this record.
Fervor does not need alcohol to express itself in our stadiums.

- Agnès Buzyn (@agnesbuzyn) August 9, 2019

The French Federation of Addictology (FFA), however, approves this statement. In an open letter to Agnès Buzyn, she assures that "all the actors of addictology represented by the FFA wait (...) that you firmly and publicly oppose to these low maneuvers which have as only objective to empty progressively the Evin law of all the provisions that hinder the alcohol lobby ".

49,000 deaths caused by alcohol in France in 2009

In France, wine country par excellence, despite a decline in consumption over the last fifty years, alcohol still kills a lot. In 2009, he was allegedly responsible for 49,000 deaths (36,500 for men and 12,500 for women). And in 40% of cases, death occurs before the age of 65.

The deaths attributable to alcohol are mainly cancers (15,000) and cardiovascular diseases (12,000). Then come digestive diseases such as cirrohse and accidents or suicides caused by excessive consumption (8000 deaths).