Graphene clothing against mosquito bites

Developed fifteen years ago, this composite material could be the future of textiles: lightweight and ultra resistant, it is also very useful to guard against mosquito bites.

To fight against mosquito bites, we knew the lemongrass, repellent sprays, ultrasounds or mosquito nets. Soon, it will soon be possible to rely on another ally to repel these insects who want our blood: graphene.

If this name probably tells you nothing, this composite material is certainly the future of textiles, especially military. Synthesized in 2004, this material derived from graphite was until now used electronic and electrical.

In a study published in the journal PNASResearchers at the University of Brown in the United States say they have succeeded in creating a textile with a coating of several layers of graphene oxide.

Result: in addition to being extremely light and almost transparent, this new fabric is of a foolproof resistance: it could thus support a weight of 2 tons exerted on a surface of 1 millimeter.

Armor against mosquitoes

But these are not the only advantages of graphene clothing. According to the authors of the study, the latter would also be a bulwark against mosquito bites: firstly because they hide the odor released by the human body, but also because the insect stings can not enter.

According to the researchers, not only would mosquitoes not sting garegers with graphene, but they would not even land on them, as graphene acts as a chemical barrier by blocking the odor of human sweat that people love. mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes are important vectors of diseases (dengue fever, chikungunya, yellow fever, malaria, ed) worldwide, and non-chemical protection against mosquito bites is attracting a lot of attention," explains researcher Robert Hurt. Brown's School of Engineering and co-author of the work. "We had been working on fabrics that incorporated graphene as a barrier to toxic chemicals, and we started to think about other uses of this method, and we thought that graphene might also be able to protect against stinging. mosquitoes, "he continues.

An innovation still under study

It will however be necessary to be armed with patience before finding clothes in graphene anti-mosquitos. As the researchers have recognized, the fabric only protects when it is dry. "The next step will give us the full benefits of a breathable and stitch-resistant protection."

As for the current price of this material, it is still far from being within the reach of all the stock exchanges, since it was estimated at about 1000 dollars per gram in 2017. Remains, in addition, to wait for a decrease of production costs.

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