To lose weight, you have to take inspiration from the Cro-Magnon man

Among the major resolutions of the beginning of the year, the first is indisputably that of losing weight. During the first weeks of this new year, Why Doctor will help you succeed in this difficult project perfectly attainable: lose 10% of the weight of your body. And first, to lose weight better, we must understand why we grow. What our ancestor Cro-Magnon had perfectly integrated

Because the body comes out, for most French, an impressive gastronomic debauchery. Because this phase of bulimia national occurs among French people who are - very often rightly - too big, for nearly 60% of them. So, the door is largely open to all the fanciful methods that women's gazettes love and which inevitably lead to the phenomenon of yoyo.
The body is smarter than diets. The Yoyo effect: lose 1 kilo in a few days and regain two in a few weeks, as soon as the will or the vigilance relax and the body to compensate for the famine period just experienced rushes to make reservations .

The difficult quest for weight loss

Half of Europeans would like to lose weight ... Without doing so despite dozens of theories, mainly based on deprivation, but which do not take into account the intelligence of the human body.
It is important to understand that we are the survivors of the great famines of prehistory and no doctor in the world can erase this evidence. Mankind has spent most of its life solving two problems: how to find food, and especially how to respond to the inevitable periods of famine.
Modern man takes charge (imperfectly) of the first; physiology was able to answer the second thanks to a microscopic storage unit: the adipocyte.

The fat cell is smart

Adipocyte: this is what is called the cell that makes up the fat, and that has long been considered a "good big cell" without interest ... Which is unfair and especially inaccurate. Discovering how it works has made it possible to understand the mechanism of excess weight gain, and that the fat does not store itself only to disrupt our silhouette on the beaches.
The secret is in the circuit of our energy. This comes from sugar, the "essence" of our muscles. Without sugar, the man would be motionless! Everyone has also seen, in the event of a stroke, the almost miraculous effect of a piece of sugar ... But it stores very poorly and in very small quantities: after a few minutes of effort, there are more available. The hunter of prehistory should have been helpless when hunting his game lasted hours. True, nature had given him the spontaneous taste of sweetness; you have noticed that in case of cravings, we rarely want to eat broccoli. Sugars that also cause an immediate reaction of pleasure, which is probably the reason why it is often abused.
But above all, the body knows how to put sugar in reserve, in the form of ... fat! One downside to this perfect mechanics: the body has been designed to withstand the famine of the night of time, so it stores with great ease, but hate destocking. He does it very sparingly. For the survival of the species, it was necessary to be easier to fatten than to lose weight, and to store the sugar in the form of fat is a fundamental act of our survival, placed under the responsibility of a very particular cell which 'call an adipocyte.

Our ancestor Cro-Magnon remains the model to follow.

He was not obese for two reasons: he ate less than us (or more difficult) and home, the practice of jogging was a necessity: endless hours of hunting in nature, the ancestor of fitness. He did not know what balanced eating meant. His descendants have no excuse: eat (a little less), better and especially increase, thanks to physical activity, the "draw" of the human machine, nothing complicated to make the smile to half of Europeans whose overweight becomes obsession.

"We are the survivors of the great famines of prehistory and no doctor in the world can erase this evidence. "

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