Losing weight: because you do not want to be diabetic, or you want to get out of your diabetes.

All the studies confirm this, even if, as researchers have just discovered, we probably do not die directly from obesity, fat is not an inert substance, and the consequences, which always go hand in hand with inactivity. , make it one of the factors of appearance and aggravation of diseases not really sympathetic. Just read all the arguments, coming soon that we will develop in the days to come, to understand that we must react ... Today, losing enough weight is to be safe from the consequences of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the silent global epidemic of the 21st century. Learning that one is diabetic should be as serious a piece of information as the announcement of a very serious illness.
Dark prospect for young Americans born since the year 2000: one in three will develop diabetes during his life! This estimate is not foolish, it comes from the very serious "Center For Disease Control", the CDC Atlanta, which has conducted a study of 326,000 Americans for sixteen years. According to the director of the diabetes department of the CDC, "the risk of developing this disease throughout his life is 33% for men and 39% for women", all ethnicities combined.
And these figures are even more worrying if we look at the Hispanic community, which is one third of Americans: a frequency of 45% for men and 53% for women! When we know that on average, to diagnose diabetes at the age of 40, it is to announce to the person a life expectancy reduced by more than ten years, one understands better why this specialist does not do not hesitate to talk about the 21st century epidemic.

Yet, the United States does not discover the problem, it is only amplifying. Indeed, the number of diabetics has increased by almost 50% in the last ten years. It is now the 5th leading cause of death from illness in the United States. And if the curve does not change, the frequency will increase by 165% in the middle of our century.
For the US health authorities, diabetes prevention must become a national priority. And the preventive measures are simple. The head of the national education program summed it up in two words: modification of eating habits and rehabilitation of physical exercise. Measures of great simplicity, but particularly difficult to admit in a country where aberrant food behavior and sedentary lifestyle are the rule.

Another way of curbing the epidemic is to sensitize the population of pre-diabetics, that is to say those who have a higher than normal level of sugar but not high enough to be diagnosed with diabetes. In these people, the risk of developing the disease can be halved, provided that they follow the measures of US health programs, which are not much different from those recommended in Europe:
• Lose 5 to 7% of the weight,
• Reduce their fat consumption,
• Perform 30 minutes of brisk walking 5 days a week.

No less than 16 million Americans are directly affected! And to be complete, let's add 4 million French ...

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