Trust me. Follow this method without ulterior motive, without fear or effect yoyo, or deficiencies.

First of all, we must first respect the first two principles: "Eat less, Exercise". It seems simple and not revolutionary, but to implement it is a little more complicated than we think and requires this daily help. Then we will tackle together the third principle of this method, "Eat better", for definitely win the victory against weight. To be honest, I underestimated the importance of physical exercise in achieving my goals; Probably influenced by the somewhat perverse speech of some doctors about the disputed relationship between exercise and appetite ... Clearly, they are physically pushing themselves to go hungry and, in the end, to be a failure factor . It's a vision of narrow-mindedness that today terrorizes me. It probably explains why, for lack of globalization of their knowledge, some doctors accumulate failures, not only in the field of dietetics, while having as good conscience as the doctors of Molière. They will recognize each other if they read these lines. And I would go even further: the following coaching program is underway and will be entitled: "100 days to recover the form lost with age ..."

First coaching video ... Tomorrow!

Video: VEGAN 2017 - The Film (April 2020).