Measure your waist

To lose bad fat, you have to lose belly fat! It's important to measure your waistline ...

If your waist is greater than 88 centimeters in women and 102 in men, it is the sign of accumulation of a fat of very poor quality, that of all dangers. Studies have shown that it is synonymous with infarction and stroke, in significantly higher numbers. Fats, in fact, are not equivalent and their distribution is fundamental. The saddlebags are medically much less serious than the love handles or the belly. If the numbers you get are abnormal, a simple blood test will then check if the rate of these fats is alarming: cholesterol, of course, but also another category of fats that we know less well, triglycerides , which must be less than 1 gram 50.

I told you on the second day that you would feel better. You did not really believe me? Be honest ... It's better, right? Well, you say it will be spectacular in 42 days, when you measure your waist again.

I remind you the figures not to exceed: 88 centimeters in women, 102 in men.

To your seamstress ribbons!

Video: How do you measure your waist? (April 2020).