To lose weight, you have to eat slowly

To lose 10 kg in one year without changing your diet, simply increase the duration of all meals by 10 minutes; You have to try to eat slowly.

There is scientific evidence to say that those who eat slowly grow less.

They eat an average of 67 fewer calories, which is approximately 10% less.

Recognizing that one eats more because too quickly, is a simple but fundamental awareness of weight loss.

To limit the intake of food, nature has endowed us with what is called the "satiety" signal, an order of the brain that decides that we have eaten too much.

It depends on the quantity and quality of the food we have taken.

But if the signal of hunger, which depends on our level of blood sugar, is very precise, and especially very fast, the one who decides to stop is quite slow and complex.

The delay, which can be evaluated between 10 and 20 minutes, is that of all the dangers, while it is enough to wait to see disappear the desire to serve again. The management of this satiety signal also militates for the composition of the meal in three parts: starter, main course, dessert. And not: unique main course, which, while waiting for its preparation, is the best ally of the taking of "bread-butter", a great classic of the restaurants of midday. Concretely, before yielding to the temptation to take a piece of a dish, you have to wait at least 10 minutes. If that's impossible, do not hesitate to grab a starter of vegetables or salad as soon as possible. Drinking one or two large glasses of water before the meal is also a great way.

Do not forget ... Try to eat slowly.

Video: Eating Mindfully (April 2020).