The cardio frequency meter to lose only fat

In case of stress, your body needs oxygen.

The only way is to breathe more quickly to send more air into your lungs.

From there, it's your blood that will carry that oxygen to the muscles. The heart then accelerates the pace to increase the amount of circulating oxygenated blood. We have an engine that knows how to constantly adapt according to demand ... Up to a certain limit, difficult to appreciate with accuracy.

Shortness of breath is a bad marker, at least not very accurate. On the other hand, nature has equipped us with a very precise rev counter: the rhythm of our engine.

This is called the heart rate, which gives the speed at which the heart beats. It is normal between 70 and 80 beats per minute, but rises in case of effort, stress or emotion, where it can happily cross the 100 barrier.

So you have to know how to control your pulse. If the maneuver is not very complicated at rest, it is not easy to do at the time of the effort. Electronics came to the rescue: the cardio frequency meter I told you yesterday. By measuring cardiac pulsations, the cardio frequency meter lets you know if the limit is not exceeded.

Without training, it is not advisable to exceed the effort 220 pulsations per minute less his age. It is the maximum frequency with the effort. This watch is also often equipped with an alarm that sounds, from the limit crossed.

It mainly manages the two main goals of physical exercise: to eliminate fat and improve the performance of the cardiovascular system. There is an area that fits your motivation: melt fat.

Tomorrow, we learn to calculate the ideal area.

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