Calculate your ideal heart rate

Essential ! Learn how to calculate the heart rate during which you eliminate fat

Without training, it is imperative to never exceed your maximum frequency with the effort.

It is easy to calculate:

For a woman, it's 226 beats per minute minus your age.

For a man, it's 220 beats per minute minus your age.

From this maximum frequency of effort, I will teach you how to program the pulsation zone that corresponds to your motivation; the one during which the fats are melted.

When the body has to maintain a long effort, it knows no other method than to burn fat. Provided that the heart does not pack like when it is asked to accelerate. There, he does not have time to burn fat and go to the reserves of sugar which are very limited: consequently, it is exhausted. That's what happens to you when you start running or walking too fast.

You understand it: The physical exercise of weight loss is mild and prolonged.

In practice, to calculate the threshold not to exceed - which is called in the books the lipolysis threshold - you will find on the internet a lot of formulas all excellent.

The simplest is:

For the threshold below which you do not lose fat:

Maximum frequency of effort multiplied by 0.6

(FCM - Age) x 0.6

For the limit threshold above which you make your heart work for its prevention without consuming fat:

Maximum frequency of effort multiplied by 0.75

(FCM - Age) x 0.75

For example :

I am 65 years old.

My maximum frequency is: 220-65 = 155

I start burning fat at 93 beats per minute:

155 x 0.6 = 93

I do not burn more than 116 beats per minute:

155 x 0.75 = 116

Within these limits, we burn 85% fat against 50% if the heart beats a little faster ... It's worth it to calculate.

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