Understand why we eat too much

We eat too much ... but there is always a reason. Can you find it?

The method is running! You eat less and you are becoming "addicted" to exercise health ...

But it would be too simple, and the most complicated part has not yet been addressed. Because to not take back, or at least as late as possible, those kilos that ruin our lives, we must understand why they arrived there.

Because we ate too much? Easy answer, yes!

But why then?

To calm an anguish, to indulge in a monotonous or too hectic life, to forget an endemic sadness, to fill a void ... I could spend hours enumerating all the causes that make us rush on the fridge.

Me, it's clear, it's anxiety. It was not difficult to find the reason, even if I refused. But, you will tell me that it is not the only thing to deprive myself of food that will make me uneasy.

You're right, it's even the opposite ...

So vicious circle? We might fear it. Yet, that's still where the time spent on physical exercise will contribute to the success of this weight loss, unlike the other methods and diets I've tried. These hours dedicated to the physical recovery of my body are so many moments that I quickly assimilated to a kind of "self psychotherapy" even if the term is not the best, or at least unusual. We will not settle years of ill-being in a few words ...

But knowing that we will have to think about it is already a fundamental step in our journey. I assure you!

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