Today, we weigh ourselves

Do not have an unreasonable goal. An effective goal for health and easy to reach: in 100 days, lose 10% of the body weight

You weighed yourself, and if you've been following my advice for a month, you've lost weight ... and probably a bit more than I expected.

This is the bonus if you really:

Eat less,

Eat better,

And most importantly, does physical exercise.

But be careful, you may consider the match against your body won while we are not even at halftime.

I am always asked what is the ideal weight.

We doctors have a way of calculating: BMI, body mass index.

The calculation formula is simple and you will find on the internet many sites that will give you your BMI and its meaning.

Yet to initiate weight loss, I find this imperfect BMI and I find it often pushes to consider unrealistic weight loss, so doomed to failure.

For you, the goal will be easier to calculate:

Lose 10% of the body weight in 100 days.

Then it will be easier to set a new goal with BMI.

In the meantime, congratulations for the success of this first step.

Video: Quick weight loss tips 2 - do not weigh yourself everyday (December 2019).