What and how much should you drink?

Without eating, you can survive for four to five weeks. Without water, one dies in three or four days.

What should I drink?

Some water…

Tap water or mineral water?

It is to choose according to the place of residence of each one.

Mineral water, but which one?

The only advice that can be given is to vary the brand to vary the mineral content and not to risk consuming too much:


magnesium, or

potassium, which vary in the composition of our mineral waters.

Finally, in the debate "flat or gas", it will be the taste and the ability to digest them, not medicine, that will guide your choice.

You have to drink a lot: before, and after meals.

Drinking is also a misnomer since in the foods we consume every day, there is a very important part of water:

90% in fruits and vegetables, but also

75% in eggs,

70% in meat or fish ...

The complement is done through the drink.

Thirst can be considered as a signal, a little late, of dehydration.

In the same way, not being thirsty does not mean that you are completely rehydrated.

Because, if this signal is late, it is also very quickly calmed by the rapid consumption of a large quantity of liquid while still persists dehydration.

It is therefore necessary to distribute and stagger regularly the intake.

Video: What Happens When You Drink Too Much Water (April 2020).