Long live nordic walking!

Nordic walking is ideal for working arms while walking; one of the main goals after the fifties

Walking is a very gentle activity for the joints, unlike running. When running, depending on the intensity of this race, the lower limbs withstand stress and shock of 2 to 4 times the weight of the body. In comparison, walking is only 1.5 times the weight of the body.

It is necessary to walk as quickly as possible, without causing pain or breathlessness and to increase each day, if possible, the duration and especially, the distance.

During the walk, even fast, the conversation must always remain possible, which is the best method to control the shortness of breath

All means are good for walking: walking goals, outdoors, or on gym mats ...

The ideal: Nordic walking, with sticks. We must go beyond the notion of ridicule that prevents some people from depriving themselves of the pleasure of walking fast, much faster than usual, while making the arms work, which makes the main criticism of the practice of walking obsolete.

Working the arms should be one of the main goals after the fifties, especially for women.

So long live the walk ... Nordic!

Video: Edelmais & Co. Nordic Walking (April 2020).