The water pocket in which the baby is bathed is fundamental to his future tastes

A pregnant woman should pay attention to the taste quality of what she eats during her pregnancy, according to the latest findings on the influence of amniotic fluid on the future tastes of our children.

Amniotic fluid is the name of the fluid in which the fetus bathes until delivery. It is without doubt one of the last vestiges of the aquatic origin of the man because our development is done in the water, or more exactly in a sterile liquid itself contained in an extensible membrane which one calls the pocket waters. It looks like an inflatable balloon closed down by a mucous plug that holds the whole. Inside, the fetus lives quite happy: it feeds, breathes, and even urine quite normally. The fluid, whose volume increases gradually during pregnancy to reach a little more than a liter in 9e month, is made by the membrane that surrounds it. It is constantly renewed, every 3 hours. We know today that it depends completely on what the mother absorbs during her pregnancy ... And that it has a taste that can perfectly perceive her child. This explains why, from birth, the baby instinctively climbs to the breast nipple to find this taste in the first feed. We understand the importance of this first bath of pleasure, but we must also alert future mothers about the dangers of toxic substances: drugs, of course, but also alcohol and tobacco. Mom drinks, baby toast. Mom smokes, baby absorbs his dose of nicotine. It seems that he is also sensitive to the smell of food, which may explain some tastes that would not be transmitted only by the eating habits of childhood. The amniotic fluid, if it filters the sounds, also lets them reach the baby's ears. It protects infections with the antibodies it contains, blows or movements. In short, jacuzzi, airbag, walkman, cover - it is at 37 ° -, pantry is the ideal shelter. From where a constant surveillance thanks to the ultrasound and, in the slightest doubt, the sampling, which allows for example to detect a greenish coloration, sign of a suffering of the fetus and the urgency of a triggered delivery. It is also the examination that allows to harvest some cells belonging to the child and to make the diagnosis before delivery of certain malformations. But in the majority of cases, the fluid is normal, and from the first contractions of childbirth, the pouch breaks ... Our child is ready to discover his new environment, unfortunately often much less serene and ideal.

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