"Dry January": the month of January becomes the month of sobriety

After the month without tobacco, the month with mustache and the month without a car, here is the month without alcohol. To recover from the excesses of the holidays, an English association encourages the deprivation of alcohol throughout the month of January.

No more beer with friends after work. Supported by the English public authorities, the "Dry January" is furious across the Channel. This challenge is not to drink a single drop of alcohol in January. There are almost three million British gamblers and, until then, held firm. The origin of "Dry January" is to the credit of a woman: Emily Robinson.
In 2011, she enrolled in her first half marathon for February. She does not like running so, to facilitate training, she decides to give up alcohol during the month of January. Nothing more.
The strength of the movement is explained by the variety of reasons to adopt it. Some people see it as a period of detox, others to slow down the pace or to regain fitness. The disease is not central, far from it.

Indisputable benefits

The 30-day cure helps your body find a balance. A series of physical, physiological and psychological improvements is praised by the organizers of the movement: more restful sleep, weight loss, better skin ... Medically indisputable effects.
A reality on which the pioneers of "Dry January" surf: " If we could find a new health supplement or discover a super food that would have all these benefits, we would be millionaires "have fun, the leaders of the movement. " But we are more focused on providing you with help, advice and encouragement to get these benefits for free. "

They do not forget to remember that an alcohol diet over a month is good, but a permanent control throughout the year is better.

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