House of horror in California: the height of violence against children that often starts with spanking still too much practiced in France.

The incredible ordeal of the 13 children discovered chained, malnourished, abused, in California arrives the day of the start of the new campaign of the Foundation for the Childhood against the spanking. Two spots to say stop to "ordinary educational violence": slaps, spankings, verbal abuse. In France, 85% of parents give a blow to reprimand their children and 50% consider it an "educational" punishment. But, there is no slap. Violence against our children can affect their physical and psychological health.

It is an appalling fact that scares the whole planet. Thirteen brothers and sisters locked up, including a two year old baby, some chained, hungry by their own parents. The American-style culmination of what parents can do in a crisis of madness that, apparently, has lasted endless years for victims who probably will never be able to rebuild.

A closer to another news item that a few years: Initially, a scene quite ordinary: at the end of school, a child refuses to say hello to his father. Back home, his father closed the door of his room and said to him, "What do you think you do not say hello to me? You must respect me. And he spanks her. But the story does not stop there. The little one, who has trouble sitting down, confides in his mother. The parents are in the process of separation and the mother lodges a complaint against her husband. And the father found himself before the courts His lawyer argued that the "right of correction of parents" was still underway in France. Indeed, despite the prohibition of corporal punishment, spanking is not prohibited. The judges were not really sensitive to this argument. And the verdict fell ...: 500 euros fine suspended and 150 euros to pay to the mother for non-pecuniary damage. What earned him this sanction is the spanking fooled. For the president of the court, there was violence MORE humiliation.

Some people find the comparison of two disproportionate stories exaggerated, but in the Children's Foundation's campaign against educational violence, spanking is considered educational violence. For the Foundation, "there is no little slap, no snap, any violence against our children can have consequences on their physical and psychological health. "

Thus, people who were spanked as children would be more likely to suffer behavioral disorders or problems with alcohol or drugs. A study published three years ago among more than 30,000 adults showed that people who have been spanked have between 2% and 7% more chance of having mental illnesses when they are adults. And this study only looked at light corporal punishment ...

A ban in more than 50 countries

For psychiatrists, spanking, or slapping - which is even more violent and humiliating - is to teach the child that you can hit smaller than is, that relationships are managed with violence. Which, you will agree, is not frankly educational ... More than 50 countries have already banned these practices The premium is obviously the countries of northern Europe and Sweden which was the 1era to do it in 1979. Thirty years later, in France, Dr. Edwige Antier doctor journalist but also pediatrician and MP at the time, had tabled a bill for the inclusion in the Civil Code prohibition to hit the children. We are still waiting for it to be voted.

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