Cycling has no negative effects on sexuality, both for men and women

Pedaling is perhaps not the most glamorous solution for practicing physical exercise but it remains the reference of doctors, with walking ... And contrary to what we could read or hear, the bike no absolutely does not alter practitioners' sexuality, even intensive ones.

The bike is the physical exercise of reference for the body, since it is carried out in weightlessness, thus does not traumatize the joints. In addition, from a point of view gentle and regular solicitation of the heart, the sport that can be recommended without a second thought. With walking and swimming.

Cycling, apart from the Parisian "bobos" who want to make them their reference anti-traffic weapon, has a rather old-fashioned image, translated by recurrent accusations about its effects, discomfort and sexuality.

It is true that the saddle is based on the lighthouse region of the sexual organs: the perineum.

In women

There are gel protections, which are put on the saddle and are very effective. The important thing is not the saddle, but the positioning of the handlebars. Indeed, when the hands are lower than the level of the saddle, the pressure increases sharply on the perineum and then there is a decrease in the sensitivity of the genitals. So adjust the height of the handlebar, that is to say not lower than the height of the saddle.

An American study suggested a few years ago that an intensive practice of cycling, especially indoors, could lead to excessive compression of the perineum and thus cause sexual disorders.

It was actually a pretext, a counterpoint to American specialists, to promote the elliptical trainer, more and more popular and needed to sell. The elliptical trainer is this bike, very fashionable, in fact a weight training device, which simulates walking while one is holding two handles that move from front to back. And there, miracle, thanks to him, the sexuality of the women of the study has improved considerably ...

What to remember from this? First of all, it's a saddle problem that is not difficult to understand: if you fix your saddle badly, it's quite obvious that the area that will be bruised will not be especially ready for the games of love that will go there.

At men's

We stay in American studies and in men. In 1998 - it is not recent - the American health authorities were alerted to the effect of stool on erection, following repeated complaints by police officers on bicycles. As many as 15 out of 23 reported problems with erection, groin pain or genital insensitivity. Again, we came to know that this study was rather intended to promote the electric motorization of police tired of pedaling ...

The most recent studies have just killed these stubborn skin legends, and it can be said that professional cyclists do not have more or less troubles with their sexuality than other athletes.

On the other hand, we can reveal one of those medical truths that we can rarely reveal, but which made the legend of the Tour de France riders ... The practice of the competition bike and the saddle hours slow down the venous return of this region that the anatomists of another century have called the plexus ashamed. Slowing down has a significant effect on the length of the organ concerned. Which explains why the Tour de France riders were so popular on stage nights ... That would probably always be the case, but in a blessed time when laptops did not spy on the slightest deeds of our champions!

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