IN VIDEO - In Germany, jackets filled with sand to calm hyperactive children. Inadmissible!

Barbarian methods from another time, but which illustrate the puzzle of the hyperactive child. A recent study claims that French children are the most likely to suffer in Europe, but doctors continue to question the reality of this disorder. We propose a new issue of Why Doctor. A reference show already seen by more than 100,000 Internet users.

It's the Guardian, English newspaper, relayed by the site Slate, who tells it: German schools wear jackets filled with sand, heavy from 1.2 to 6 kg, in the hope of calming their hyperactive students! To "change the behavior of the children who wear them and make them calmer". And why not handcuffs and gags! Fortunately, psychiatrists and doctors have reacted violently to this barbaric method that would still run in nearly 200 schools in Germany.

For example, in this new issue of C our Health (CNS) a program on the high-potential child, better known as the early child. The rate of boys and girls with high potential in France is estimated at 3%, ie 1 to 2 pupils per class. A third of them are in school failure. These children are mostly misunderstood, hypersensitive and often out of step with their peers. Being or having a child with high potential is not easy. What are the keys to better understanding these young people? When and how to identify their earliness What health professionals and associations can families count on? CNS answers all these questions with Dr. Lemoine's guests:

Dr. Olivier Revol, neuropsychiatrist, Head of the Center for Learning Disorders at the Lyon Neurological Hospital, Roberta Poulin, President of ASEP (Swiss Association for Early Children)

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