A few minutes of laughter ... the equivalent of an hour of relaxation.

We do not study laughter while studying medicine, but it is part of our life of pleasure. We are even beginning to see specialists appear in hospitals. Yet the French laugh less and less.

We laugh, probably since the dawn of time, but we still do not really know why.

Because we are happy, you will say. Certainly, but we know little about the mechanism.

Laughing is good.

Nobody discusses, the benefits of laughter.

Psychiatrists will tell you that during this time, we forget the rest. It is also a real massage of the muscles which releases the tensions. A few minutes of laughter would be the equivalent of an hour of relaxation.

But that's not all, improvement of breathing, oxygenation of the blood, better digestion ...

In short, when we see the positive effects, we wonder why we do not laugh more often and we better understand the success of those who, in society, know how to give birth to bogus. Do not we say, moreover, "woman who laughs ..." But to obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to reach laughter.

The doctor laugh

Laughter has long been a part of the therapies used in the hospital. Unfortunately, for the moment, only for children.

For more than 25 years, the professional Laughter Clowns have been giving hospitalized children the power to play and laugh to better cope with the disease. Intervening in 46 pediatric services in 15 hospitals, these 100 funny characters offer nearly 80,000 personalized shows each year to children, their families and caregivers.


The smile as effective as the facelift

The smile only relaxes the muscles of the face which is not so bad since it delays several years the appearance of wrinkles.

Common sense

Yet despite all these qualities, the French laugh less and less. Six minutes a day on average today against more than twenty in 1939. It is true that meanwhile, there was the war, a period or sense of humor had no place ...

Yet popular language is well aware of this free means of well-being. So, we can laugh heartily, be bent laughing while relaxing our diaphragm, roll on the ground when the legs give way to pleasure or laugh out loud in a real polka zygomatic ...

Laughter has more forms than the drug but we do not deceive if we know little about the birth mechanism of this aid of happiness, its positive effects are not there by chance. Practice, at least knowledge of the human body, shows it to us. Here, for example, it has just been scientifically proven that crying relieves by shedding through the tears a lot of stress substances that we rotten.

From laughter to tears, you see it takes just two minutes; the time to read this article!

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