To lose weight, Principle # 2: Exercise

Eating less is the first pillar of weight loss. The second is physical exercise. It's the crutch of weight loss ...

Physical activity is the essential complement to weight loss. Inactivity is the main ally of the pounds taken throughout life. Physical activity is the universal medicine of the XXIe century. The drug that works in obesity and cardiovascular disease, in diabetes and depression, which slows down aging and prolongs youth! What's more, is free ... But unfortunately, often not or badly prescribed by too many doctors.

A truly miracle product ...

You are undoubtedly very disappointed by all these enticing promises and the banality of this proposal.

Yet, if you knew what a few dozen minutes of daily exercise can bring, it is likely that you would not even wait for the end of this column to rush on your sneakers. And you might be wrong to do it without preparation, I added the word "drug", which involves a whole series of indications, precautions and contraindications. This is where your doctor should intervene, and it is probably because of a lack of knowledge that he does not approach the subject as often as he should.

We will try to see more clearly.