Free breakfasts for children in Priority Education Zone

Traditionally it was said "France sick of her breakfast" ... The younger generations seemed to have understood the interest of "s'angliciser" a little. The situation has improved, but is not yet satisfactory especially among children, as has just been demonstrated by an indisputable study.

Dr. Olivier Véran, MP (On the Move) and renowned hospital neurologist (Grenoble), is also rapporteur of the Commission des affaires sociales. He gives Thursday, to the Minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, the results of a work that shows that in each class, on average three students arrive at school in the morning without having breakfast. A precise work that disturbs when we know the importance of this first meal.

While Anglo-Saxons have for a very long time been publishing scientific works that show the fundamental aspect of the first meal of the day, in our country which prides itself, however, on being that of good gastronomic taste, coffee on the run was rather the bad dietary rule.

The situation has gradually improved and, contrary to popular belief, the latest figures show that only a very small proportion of those surveyed "skip" breakfast. They would be only 10%. While less than ten years ago, one in five children left school in the morning or their games on an empty stomach, the parents' declarative figure was almost perfect. Which was perfectly wrong if we believe these new figures.

All the more regrettable that a hearty breakfast has it all.

Our body comes out of a night which, even if it is synonymous most of the time of rest, nonetheless remains a period where our body functions, in certain areas, as in daylight. If our muscles do not move very much, our heart continues to beat, our breathing to work and our cells to secrete a whole lot of vital substances. It is therefore a whole factory, without raw materials, that we will send back to school. Moreover, the performances of the middle of the morning are often very dependent on the richness of our blood in energy. Recall that the brain is the largest consumer of sugar, so energy, our body.

On the other hand, to say that we have breakfast, does not mean that we have "good" breakfast ....

The effort must be put on the quality of this meal, because if we were to classify these consumers, we would do it according to the amount of energy absorbed in the morning compared to the 100% we need. All dieticians agree that breakfast should provide us with 25% - at least - of our daily needs.

The enemies of the hearty breakfast will argue that Americans are rather, on average, very wrapped and that their breakfast must be a little responsible.

Certainly, but only those who do not respect the right balance between the different elements we need, proteins, sugars and fats. And that's where French common sense has to take back the hand, trying to mix those foods we are so rich. A fruit, a dairy, bread, a few jams and a drink, rather tea without too much sugar. Forget the eggs and fat-dripping bacon, a not too fat cheese, will do the trick. The ideal protein is, for once, Japanese, it's the fish. But, hard to swallow, especially for children, in the hexagon. The only concession to make to America is certainly cereals, at least those whose caloric intake per cup (you will find this information on the package) is not too high.

We can conclude that English or French, everything defends itself. What is less defensible is not to have breakfast!

The findings of this study should lead parents not to compromise. Communication must go in this direction. And before the objection, legitimate, who claims that these morning meals are not taken because of a financial problem, Olivier Véran proposes that free breakfasts be distributed to children in priority education zones and rural schools. So no more excuses ...

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