The snack bar, simply a "fast food" à la Française

Why doctor is a defender of snack ... Which will please a lot of people who at work will not have time to eat something else.

The Anglo-Saxons like to dictate their conduct to the world, and in nutrition, just look: The food policy in the United States for more than fifty years, led the majority of the people of this country to a deplorable state of health. Let's not even talk about Sandwich which is an English word but rather of "snack".

His main qualities.

First it's a mini meal, so a great way to fight against snacking which we know is the main factor of fattening ...

Because we eat too much, when we nibble, because we also eat in a disorderly way. Our body is an exceptional machine that has been able to develop almost perfect control methods. Thus the filling signal of the stomach takes 20 minutes to arrive at the brain, which militates for fairly long meals and has inputs that are not too rich in calories. This gives us time to warn our brain that we are feeding and that it is useless to prolong the signal of hunger.

Vegetables are rarely eaten, which gives the public enemy the chance to twist our necks: the peanut. A handful of this nibbling star is the equivalent of a good spoonful of oil soup ...

The chips…

It is not better ... and yet, it is one of the mistakes of accompaniments of the snack! A potato chip brings in almost as much calories as a boiled potato. Do you imagine eating a potato salad bowl as an appetizer?

The bread

Bread is an excellent food even if it is not complete bread. But it's still a sugar; certainly slow - have your children make the experience of chewing for a whole minute a piece of bread, to see appear the taste of sugar revealed by the enzymes of our saliva.

To avoid being tempted to eat too much, you have to chew slowly! Look around: people who eat slowly almost always have the line!

The composition of the ideal snack pie

A good slice of common sense!

To lose the pounds that our body can not stand anymore, we must eat a little less and above all better, ie balanced. And here, the traditional diet gets a rather good rating. This tradition is inscribed in our genes.

So the ideal snack food content is 50% of sweet foods such as bread, vegetables and fruits, a quarter of proteins ie fish, eggs and meats. A quarter of fat product knowing that fats are hiding everywhere especially in meat and sauce preparations.

Eat better, eat less and especially at the times set for it ... The Anglo-Saxons, say that we have lunch too late in our country ... We could oppose the Spaniards who are rather better than them. Yet the tradition of a late meal and nap, theoretically goes wrong with the canons of dietetics.

No, the right formula is always a matter of common sense.