Anti-smoking treatments soon to be reimbursed like any other drug in government health plan

Anti-smoking treatments will be gradually reimbursed as "any medicine," the government announced on Monday, March 26. This support will replace the annual fee of 150 euros so far covering prescription nicotine substitutes. A first product will be registered as of this week to refund

Battle of Agnès Buzyn, the fight against smoking is one of the flagship measures of the prevention component of the government's health strategy, presented Monday, March 26 by Prime Minister Philippe Édouard and the Minister of Health in the premises of Public Health France, in Saint-Maurice (Val-de-Marne).

Among the measures announced is that of the gradual reimbursement of anti-smoking treatments, as is any medication. This new support will replace the package of 150 euros per year so far granted to smokers being prescribed nicotine substitutes such as patches, gums, lozenges or inhalers.

The goal, said the Minister of Health, is to "lift the brakes related to the systematic advance fee" driven by the package to encourage more smokers to quit smoking. "This movement is progressive because it involves a laboratory approach. A first product will be registered as early as this week to repay, "says the government.

Tobacco responsible for 73,000 deaths a year

This better reimbursement of nicotine substitutes is part of the government's desire to fight against smoking by proposing a real prevention policy, in addition to the policy of increasing taxes on tobacco.

1st last March, a new increase of one euro of the price of the pack of cigarettes now carries this one to about 8 euros. By November 2020, its price should be around 10 euros. "In France, more than 13 million people smoke," says the government, which recalls that tobacco is a "major source of cancer, cardiovascular disease and respiratory insufficiency", "responsible for 73,000 deaths each year ".

Vaccination against influenza and screening for cancer of the cervix

Another important measure of the prevention component of the health strategy announced yesterday by the government: the generalization "as of 2019" vaccination in pharmacy against influenza after the success of an experiment conducted this winter in New Aquitaine and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Alps on certain populations.

There is also talk of "introducing a third national organized screening program" against cervical cancer. "In concrete terms, all women who have not smeared in the last three years will be invited to do so, with 100% coverage of the smear," the government said. investment in five in the prevention plan.

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