Some tracks to age old

We will count only a few thousand centenarians in our country. This remains exceptional. There are however some serious ways to age well. And 125 years is a reasonable goal.

The first is that it is not likely a hereditary quality. Clearly, having very old grandparents offers only one chance out of four to live old. In other words, no certainty. Yet the trail of our genes is not completely abandoned because it seems that some people have an ability to "self-repair" that do not have the others.

125 years old? The normal

According to geneticists our nerve cells - the only ones that do not replace and therefore fix our longevity - would be programmed to live 125 years without external glitches. So why does not almost all of humanity do it? And probably because of a gene that goes wrong. To consider repairing it, you must first identify it. All genetic research on aging is working on it. Research to follow and, believe me, there will be a guaranteed Nobel Prize!

The chronic disease, the enemie.

The second track - although it seems obvious - is that to wait 100 years, you have to be a good constitution! This means that rare are the centenarians who suffer from serious but non-fatal chronic diseases. In short, one often dies at 100 years in good health.

Fish, as often as possible

The third element is in the common sense that claims "that one digs his grave with his teeth". The Japanese specialists in aging have been able to prove it. It is indeed in this country - especially in the region of Okinawa - that we find the most centenarians in the world. However, the inhabitants of this region emigrate in large numbers to Brazil and there, the Japanese emigrants do not live very old. The only difference between the two countries is not the climate or the living and working conditions but the diet. The "Brazilian Japanese" eat seven times less fish than the one who stayed in the country.

Finally, the last serious track concerns the mood, all the centenarians are emotionally stable with energy as the main characteristic and an undeniable taste of life and pleasure.