Marathon: protect the heart but also the joints

With the return of the sun, the marathons will bloom. A fashion that continues to grow: tens of thousands of participants, to speak only the most famous. And hundreds of half marathons available around the world ... But women, husbands and children are worried to see all these quadras or quinquas tackle the 42.195 km. An unjustified fear?

This is at least a logical fear if we remember the story of the first Marathon. Indeed, a Greek soldier had run the exact distance from the city of Marathon to Athens to announce the victory against the Persians in 460 BC to his king and crumbled down dead, his mission accomplished ...

Cardiologists from several countries decided to discuss the subject of dangerousness by performing examinations and blood tests two days and fifteen days after the test.

Reassuring results

There are small minor changes after the race, but they disappeared completely 2 weeks later. For both men and women, it must be emphasized. The heart is a muscle and like all the muscles it takes care of waste that is found in the blood tests.

But it is a robust muscle that recovers very quickly ... Subject as all muscles to be trained! Those who run the marathon without preparation whether physical or diet are rare, and usually they do not end.

It's still a huge effort. The heart will beat at least twice as fast for an average of three to five hours. There is a first basic precaution: do not exceed, during the race, the limit of the maximum effort frequency which is 220 minus age. For example, a 40-year-old should never exceed 180 beats per minute.

Tips for those who want to prepare a marathon

There are dozens of websites that offer excellent programs depending on the state of form at the start. But we must consider a preparation of several months.

It is not legally necessary to consult a doctor but it seems more prudent to have a general idea. For specific advice, you need to see a sports specialist, for example a sports cardiologist.

At the slightest doubt he will perform a stress test. Running on a carpet at the same time as the doctor makes you an electro cardiogram to see in real time how your heart reacts.

The risk of sudden death is very low. For example eight deaths out of 750,000 participants in London in thirty years and all in people with obvious risk factors.

What to say to someone who wants to run a marathon? From a cardiological point of view, the green light is easily obtained! On the other hand, if the heart is not a problem, it is not the same for the joints, which requires a careful examination on the part of your doctor to be sure not to turn the runner into an invalid for long months!

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