Tours: Two elderly people die in the crowded emergency waiting room

Two 90-year-old women died in the emergency waiting room at Tours, 15 days apart, while waiting on stretchers for several hours. Two dramas that only illustrate the implosion of French hospitals.

Since the revelations made about the death of Noami Musenga, who died at the end of December after contacting the Samu from Strasbourg who had made fun of her on the telephone, testimonies about the facts of negligence are pouring into the media.

France Bleu Touraine reports the cases of two 90-year-old women who died in the emergency waiting room in Tours, 15 days apart. Both were at the end of life due to a serious illness and remained between 4 and 6 hours lying on a stretcher in the room. "This is an exceptional phenomenon," comments Professor Pierre-François Dequin, head of the emergency department of CHRU Trousseau. "The medical teams are bruised, injured, shocked by these unworthy deaths." The first occurred on the night of April 11 to 12, the second on May 3. This suggests that the first death was not an isolated case.

Are emergencies devoid of affect?

The doctor recalls that "the teams are trained to accompany patients in the last moments of life". In this case, however, both patients had their last breath without assistance in an overcrowded waiting room of 12 and 15 stretchers, whereas it can only accommodate six.

"The staff was shocked at not being able to accompany them in their deaths," said a health care worker on anonymous grounds. "What's even more shocking to the caregivers is when our management calls it a 'serious adverse event.' We can not remove the affect on all of this, it's even more shocking for us because we've alerted management time and again to the fact that this waiting room was not the solution.We denounced the conditions of reception of patients who were degrading.This is the saturation in emergencies every day. "

The implosion of French hospitals

Do these two dramas testify to the implosion of French hospitals? According to figures provided by the Ministry of Health on Friday, March 16, 97 hospitals out of 650 had to activate the plan "hospital in tension" in order to obtain the addition of additional beds in the various services.

The union Samu-Urgences de France reported March 9 in a statement that in the space of two and a half months, more than 15,000 patients had spent the night on a stretcher for lack of bed to hospitalize them in a service. Since January, 100,000 patients have spent the night on a stretcher. The same is observed in the adult emergency departments of the Paris Public Hospitals (AP-HP), which have a daily occupancy rate of 15% to 25% more than the average rate in France. 2016, "almost the level observed at the peak of winter epidemics", reports The world.

On March 6, a 73-year-old woman died at the emergency department of Reims University Hospital after waiting two and a half hours on a stretcher without being examined. In Lyon, she is a 19-year-old student who died of a brain abscess, secondary to a complicated ear infection. She had been to the emergency room at Édouard-Herriot Hospital twice and had been sent home with antibiotic treatment.

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