Man has a simple way to fight the obesity epidemic

Would the acquis enable the fight against the innate? The answer is yes ! In people with a genetic predisposition to obesity, physical activity alone could alter this heavy predisposition. And we know it for a long time. It remains to apply!

Those responsible for epidemiology, the science of medicine that studies the evolution of human health, are very pessimistic about the evolution of our weight and we predict an epidemic of obesity that may jeopardize the health of humans. global evolution of life expectancy and make the bed to chronic diseases unpleasant for the daily life of those who suffer ... Which gives pride to all inventors of diets often farfelus and a search for the a pharmaceutical industry that, however, blocks what would be its new Grail, the anti-obesity miracle pill!

Yet the solution is known. One could summarize by saying: it is better to run than to tighten the belt ... It is what has demonstrated for more than 20 years a large investigation, which is called EPIC-Norfolk, and which at the beginning was interested in the cancer . A very important survey since it involved 20,000 men and women, who were weighed and measured. A DNA sample was used to determine their predisposition to obesity. From there, scientists looked at whether an environmental factor like physical activity could influence this genetic susceptibility. The results surprised all physicians: in these people, physical activity did reduce the genetic risk of obesity by 40%. Consequence: these people have not lost weight ... they simply have never grown. Using a universal and free cure: physical exercise! These promising results made a lot of noise at the time as they gave doctors tools to guide them, both to prevent and optimally manage chronic diseases such as obesity for which compliance is ie the ability to follow the advice and prescriptions of doctors, is difficult.

The rest of the story has unfortunately not confirmed these beautiful promises. Not because the results were wrong, but because the solution is slow to be put in place ... This medical scoop, which for once did not concern the mouse, was the promise to get better at a fairly short horizon (about 20 years ), because not only were we able to detect very well before the damage ... but above all, we knew the treatment.


At the time, this study was one of the discoveries of the year. Which brought to light a very modern notion at the time: this way that the acquis to transform our genes. The reason that children of hashish smokers suffer more psychosis than others, why dozens of years after a famine, the grandchildren of the survivors experiencing food problems has a name. Why pregnant women during the events of September 11, 2001, in New York, gave birth to children whose cortisol levels remained much higher than normal (cortisol is a secreted substance in case of stress) is epigenetics, a new discipline of medicine, which offers an explanation and has burst into the eternal debate between the innate and the acquired.

This means that some diseases are not due to a large change in genes, but to very subtle and individual mutations that will probably be present in the offspring from the next generations.

In the theory of the evolution of species which, over millions of years, transformed fish into man, it was not thought that life-scale modifications were possible. Epigenetics proposes to find the marks of the environment, drugs or events of our existence, on the genes of each of us and individually.

The difference between genetics and epigenetics is the difference between writing a book and reading it. The book written, all copies sold will be the same. However, each reader will have a slightly different interpretation of the story, which will elicit emotions and personal projections as they read. In a very similar way, epigenetics would allow several readings of a gene, giving rise to various interpretations, depending on the conditions in which each of us is placed.

The book of the fight against obesity is open, but for readers for the moment blind ...

Video: The Obesity Epidemic (April 2020).