VIDEO - To lose weight, snacking must become "outlawed"

The easiest way to be sure of reducing your intake, so to eat less, is to prohibit nibbling absolutely.

Nibbling is eating outside of meals. It is a fact of our society: all those who are overweight munch. This is the main factor of obesity in industrialized countries.

Agri-food manufacturers quickly understood the huge economic challenge of snacking. This market of the "fifth permanent meal" has a simple characteristic: to provide nibblers with easy access and consumption of food, responding, if possible, to our innate taste for sweetness and the taste of our food. , the fat: chocolate bars, fruit pastes, micro meats that offer all large monstrous linear surfaces.

These products are influenced by fashion and social factors that make them formidable and difficult to fight. Of course, sugars are easy to spot. This is not the case of hidden grease, which is more, of poor quality. Nibbling does not happen by chance, and everything can be put on the back of industrialists and television. Everyone has their own version: stress, anxiety, unbalanced meals, cravings ... Everything is good for snacking and everyone knows perfectly well if he nibbles. Stop nibbling is the easiest and most effective way to eat less, in one decision. It is therefore necessary to eat, at fixed times, 3 or 4 meals a day according to the habits: breakfast, lunch, snack (or snack at another time), dinner.

"Today, we decree the off-the-law snacking!"

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