To better recover: long live the nap!

To solve some sleep problems, especially on vacation, there is the nap, this beautiful way to take a cycle in advance or to recover the delay of a bad night, by this moment of happiness that represents a good cycle in the middle of day.

Our sleep consists of cycles, the duration of which is immutable from one individual to another. For example, even if you have decided to give yourself a real sleep, you almost always have the unpleasant surprise of waking up at the same time as during the week. So you try to go back to sleep, listening to your radio, watching TV ... Error! Your sleep is then extremely mediocre and you get up more tired than when you wake up. What to do ? Well, as soon as you're awake, even if it's early, get up. Do something nice, that you usually do not have time to do in the week: a good bath, a real breakfast (it's an opportunity to understand its importance), a family discussion ... If all is going well, an hour later, your desire for sleep will come back, if it is real.

You will then be able to offer a real effective morning sleep.

Take a nap

The nap has not really, in our country, the love rating that is his in the south. Sign of regression towards childhood or the beginnings of old age, or simply symbol of laziness, it is nevertheless inscribed in our physiological patrimony.

The nap is a moment in our genes, the one where the body naturally wants to sleep six or seven hours after a first awakening.

While some will tell you that a nap too long will cut down on your sleep the next night, you have to let the nature that will limit your sleep to a cycle. However, as soon as the sensation of awakening is there, do not give in to the temptation to afford a second cycle that, he, may disturb your next night.

One cycle means a different nap time for each of us, since these cycles vary from 40 minutes to two hours, depending on the individual.

Video: Dr. Oz on Why You Should Take a Power Nap (April 2020).