Physical exercise, universal medicine ...

The drug that works in obesity and cardiovascular disease, in diabetes and depression, which slows down aging and prolongs youth, exists! What's more, it is free ... But unfortunately, often not or badly prescribed by too many doctors. This product really miracle ... it's physical exercise!

You are undoubtedly very numerous to be disappointed by this enticing promise as this proposal may seem banal. Yet, if you knew what a few tens of minutes of daily exercise can yield, it is likely that you would not even wait for the end of reading this page to rush on your sneakers.

And you might be wrong, because there is also in the title, the word "drug", which involves a whole series of indications, precautions and contraindications. This is where your doctor should intervene and it is probably because he does not know that he does not approach the subject as often as he should. In its defense, it must be said that, even if they seem trivial, all these notions have been verified and published in the great medical congresses only very recently.

Who says medicine says prescription. Because for each individual, there is a type of exercise and especially a different program.

Why does exercise make you lose weight and inactivity swell the belly?

Quite simply because our genes are not far removed from those of the caveman whose main concern was to hunt. Try to run after a hare and you will understand why they were lean and why they had developed a savings gene that allowed them to store for times of famine. Modern man has sought remedies for the diseases of poverty. He had forgotten that he still has this savings gene - and probably for a long time. A gene which, far from protecting it like its ancestors, now, on the contrary, puts its very existence in danger. Now survival for hundreds of millions of people on this planet, through the fight against the pathologies of opulence and the stress of modern life.

Where is physical exercise prohibited?

Virtually nobody ... But beware! At no time were we talking about sports. It is our heartbeat, their speed, which defines the area from which we move from one to the other. While sports can sometimes be dangerous, physical activity with a high limit on heart rate has never killed anyone ... This is exactly what your doctor needs to explain; just as, depending on your morphology, your age and your tastes, he must advise you the type of activity to practice.

Then, as in any good prescription, there are the doses. Be aware that small daily times are less effective than 3 to 4 good weekly sessions.

To verify the accuracy of these tips, which may make you smile or shrug your shoulders, there is an unstoppable proof: the blood test. In less than three months of regular activity, for example 1 hour three times a week, all those who are limited in blood sugar, cholesterol or triglycerides, can see the exceptional effectiveness of this prescription.

To find out more: "Prescrire finally physical exercise", a broadcast of VYV medical frequency channel.

This is obvious from all the specialties of medicine: physical exercise can be considered as a free universal drug, effective, almost without contraindications and side effects. It is obvious too: the message does not pass. Probably due to confusion sports / exercise that disrupts understanding and limits prescriptions. For the last twenty years, the term Adapted Physical Activity has been used to summarize all physical activities, even artistic ones, to arrive at a refund. Health Insurance does not make it - wrongly - a priority. Also, doctors are reluctant to formalize a prescription. Define the "prescription card" of this essential therapy will be the purpose of the show below. The guest is a major player in the subject. Professor Gérard Saillant is known worldwide for having operated, as head of the orthopedic department of La Pitié, the greatest sportsmen on the planet. He is still one of the most consulted specialists for his expertise. But he also decided to devote most of his time to this new fight: that physical exercise is prescribed at the height of its effectiveness to participate in some form of rescue by moving its inhabitants.

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