The French sleep badly

According to a study of INSV / MGEN, conducted in 2015, the French sleep on average 7:05 on weekdays and 8:10 on weekends. If these figures remain stable and in the current standards of the industrialized countries, this study however revealed that a quarter of the French complain about lack of sleep, especially working days, and a third report suffering from sleep disorders.

"You snooze, you lose" ! But if we believe a recent study, the French must not eat well ... because they sleep little and badly.

This phenomenon is observed in most Western countries. Specialists are skeptical about its origin, but one thing is certain, this sleep deprivation that affects more and more people reflects the impact of lifestyles and work.

But quantity is not everything. 3 in 10 French people complain of poor sleep, with the trio winning: insomnia, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. But what worries most doctors is that in the country that has the largest consumption of drugs to sleep, paradoxically, these sleep disorders are not supported: only one in four is treated! It is true that the diagnostic and management capabilities are frankly inadequate in France.

It is estimated that nights of poor quality would be responsible for 8% of work absences, but also accidents or risk of accidents. The impact of sleep disorders on working life is far from trivial. And it is especially the dynamism and concentration that are affected.

In conclusion, it is a bit like the snake biting its tail: work and its rhythm affect sleep just as sleep disorders are a difficulty for professional activity.

So that the gear stops, do not hesitate to talk with your doctor, and especially enjoy the summer to apply a few simple rules that will remind you Why Doctor.

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Neurological disorders of sleep ... Here is a very practical program which concerns the exercise of all the doctors. Restless legs syndrome; sleepwalkers and night terrors; elderly people screaming and falling from their beds; hypersomnia, sleep apnea ... Not to mention two high-profile topics: the influence of screens, whatever they are, TV, computer or smartphone, on the quality of sleep, and this "syndrome of the exploding head", which has hit the headlines last week. We are close to the questions we ask you every day! Our guest is a great specialist in these unrecognized but widespread sleep disorders! Isabelle Arnulf is indeed professor and cheffef of service of exploration of the sleep disorders, with the Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris.

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