Sport and weight loss: how to control your heart rate to know your limits?

By measuring cardiac pulsations, the cardio frequency meter makes it possible to know if the limit is not exceeded and especially to manage the two main objectives of the physical exercise: to eliminate fat and to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system.

The heart rate gives the speed at which the heart beats. In healthy adults, at rest, the heart rate is between 50 (endurance athletes) and 80 beats per minute, but rises in case of stress, stress or emotion where there, it can happily cross the 100 barrier.

Paradoxically, while one might think that his needs are higher, the hearts of great sportsmen are slow. 30 to 40 beats minutes for a marathoner, less than 60 for someone who practices physical exercise several times a week. It is, then, beats of great efficiency, with a heart muscle that contracts thoroughly and plays its role of pump with power. The economy of beat, while producing an excellent circulation, makes it possible to face a brutal demand, much higher than normal.

Normal heart rhythm


Normal heart rate

New born

140 plus or minus 50

1 to 2 years

110 plus or minus 40

3 to 5 years

105 plus or minus 35

6 to 12 years

95 plus or minus 30

Teenager and adult

70 plus or minus 10

Over 65

65 plus or minus 5

How to calculate your maximum heart rate during exercise?

Attention, this is a theoretical value that depends on age and training. In case of heavy treatment, or serious health problems, it is essential to consult a doctor. The calculation is very simple: this frequency is equal to 220 minus age. For example, for a person aged 50, it is: 220 - 50 = 170.

The different ranges of use to lose weight and / or improve the functioning of your heart:

Pulse per minute based on percentage of maximum exercise heart rate

From 60% to 70-75%

Area in which fats are most burned

From 70% to 80-85%

Zone of optimization of the work of the heart

Calculate your optimal heart rates:


Your numbers



Maximum frequency

220-50 = 170 beats per minute

Fat Burning Zone

Between 102 and 127 beats per minute

Zone of optimization of the work of the heart

Between 119 and 144 beats per minute

Prescribe finally the physical exercise

A broadcast of the VYV medical frequency channel

This is obvious from all the specialties of medicine: physical exercise can be considered as a free universal drug, effective, almost without contraindications and side effects. It is obvious too: the message does not pass. Probably due to confusion sports / exercise that disrupts understanding and limits prescriptions. For the last twenty years, the term Adapted Physical Activity has been used to summarize all physical activities, even artistic ones, to arrive at a refund.

Health Insurance does not make it - wrongly - a priority. Also, doctors are reluctant to formalize a prescription. Define the "prescription card" of this essential therapy will be the purpose of the show below. The guest is a major player in the subject. Professor Gérard Saillant is known worldwide for having operated, as head of the orthopedic department of La Pitié, the greatest sportsmen on the planet. He is still one of the most consulted specialists for his expertise. But he also decided to devote most of his time to this new fight: that physical exercise is prescribed at the height of its effectiveness to participate in some form of rescue by moving its inhabitants.

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