Eruophobia, the disease of people who blush between 20 and 30 times a day

Ereuterophobia is a very embarrassing disease that can even cause some people to completely isolate themselves. What causes blushing? Can we avoid it?

Ereuterophobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by an obsessive fear of blushing in public. This disorder is part of social phobias. Blushing when faced with an embarrassing situation can indeed become an illness when this phenomenon occurs tirelessly. Are suffering from ereuphobia, people who blush between twenty and thirty times a day. In this case, most activities become impossible. The most affected people even stay cloistered in an unsurprising environment, safe from any situation that may expose them or embarrass them. The most affected also have the chest that starts to blush.

No serious studies have been conducted on the subject, but it is estimated that 10% of people blush and that 1% of the population suffers from this disease. Contrary to popular belief, erotophobia specialists see as many men as women. Likewise, becoming aware of the blush does not improve it. On the contrary. Phrases of the style: "Say so, it makes you blush!", Do not arrange a totally unconscious phenomenon, so perfectly uncontrollable.

Why are we blushing?

Blushing is first and foremost a normal reaction of our nervous system. A trend that is highest in adolescence, especially because of the stress of everyday life, rather than embarrassing situations. And the disease meets in the 15 - 40 age bracket. After 40, it's pretty rare. The consequence is the massive and uncontrolled influx of blood to the face. What causes this stress is essentially, as you can imagine, anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, excessive importance given to each other and to appearance. This is what psychiatrists call having a "hyper self-awareness".

Apart from psychotherapy and yoga (to learn how to relax and become aware of your body), perfectly natural methods, doctors have rather heavy hand: antidepressants or beta blockers, these drugs to lower the tension that the we give people who are too emotional to take an exam such as a driver's license or ferry. All this unfortunately does not give great results.

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A title a little surprising, but that is that of the last work of Professor Antoine Pelissolo.

It is likely that reading, or at least advice to his recourse, can render many services to those who will watch this program and do not really know what to do in the face of stress, insomnia, shyness, the need to check everything , jealousy, hypochondria, addictions of any type, or just the fear of the plane ... A beautiful slice of personalities, phobias, anxieties and blockages.

Antoine Pelissolo rakes very wide, but he is a very talented psychiatrist. His speech is a sweet mixture of life problems by constantly hesitating between what is a somewhat exaggerated normality and nascent pathologies.

With a constant: each of the problems mentioned in this book has consequences on the quality of life of patients and those who support them. Antoine Pelissolo also states that we can correct them; and gives very practical recipes. So, as he says in the preface to his book, this show will be a valuable show to help those who are suffering and their loved ones.


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