How to cure his fear by plane?

157 dead including 8 French in the crash of a plane that connected 10 March 2019 Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to Nairobi Kenya: it is vain to repeat that the plane is the safest means of transport, from the announcement of an air disaster is a panic for many travelers. How to cure his phobia of the plane?

The numbers are solid: the risk of dying from a car accident is 90 times higher than that of the plane. Of the two billion passengers each year, there are about forty accidents and a thousand deaths. Sunday, March 19, 157 people including 8 French were killed in the crash of a Boeing in Ethiopia. The aeronautical world keeps communicating about its obsession with security.

Yet, reading or listening to the media, one would tend to believe that air crashes are particularly common compared to other types of accidents. Which is wrong ! In fact, aircraft accidents are 150 to 200 times more likely to be in media coverage than other types of accidents. As a result, people who were already scared develop an even worse perception of the plane.

We are afraid of what we do not know or, in this case, of what we do not understand. Thus more than 10% of people who have never flown have given up this mode of transport solely for fear of the accident, and one in three passengers is anxious about taking the plane. plane.


On the day of departure, it is best, after a good night's sleep, not to remain fasting by choosing a light diet, without coffee, tea or alcohol. Do not hesitate to take a mild soothing, 2 hours before takeoff. However, it is a medicine that must be prescribed by a doctor.

Once installed, if possible at the front because there is less turbulence, relax while breathing deeply. From this moment until the end of the takeoff, discuss with your neighbor or read, in short try to "think of something else".

During the flight, to relax, do not drown your anxieties in alcohol. Listen to music instead, or walk down the halls. Moreover, do not forget that the main risk of the aircraft is the clot in the veins due to pressurization, dehydration and prolonged sitting. And the clot is called (in the lesser version) a phlebitis and in the gravity, a pulmonary embolism. Buy stockings or compression socks. The models available are nothing old-fashioned. And walk several times during the flight.

When you're up, if you're lucky, the cockpit tour and the serenity that should theoretically prevail will reassure you. If despite all this advice, fear does not let you go, know that there are one-day courses at the Air France Anti-Stress Center, whose goal is to identify and act on the origin of this fear of the plane. The success rate is estimated at 85%.

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A title a little surprising, but that is that of the last work of Professor Antoine Pelissolo.

It is likely that reading, or at least advice to his recourse, can render many services to those who will watch this program and do not really know what to do in the face of stress, insomnia, shyness, the need to check everything , jealousy, hypochondria, addictions of any type, or just the fear of the plane ... A beautiful slice of personalities, phobias, anxieties and blockages.

Antoine Pelissolo rakes very wide, but he is a very talented psychiatrist. His speech is a sweet mixture of life problems by constantly hesitating between what is a somewhat exaggerated normality and nascent pathologies.

With a constant: each of the problems mentioned in this book has consequences on the quality of life of patients and those who support them. Antoine Pelissolo also states that we can correct them; and gives very practical recipes. So, as he says in the preface to his book, this show will be a valuable show to help those who are suffering and their loved ones.

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