What are the bad habits to banish to be happy?

Becoming aware of certain habits that make you unhappy and eliminating them increases happiness on a daily basis.

We are all made of habits that punctuate our days and our relationships with others. Far from being innocuous, these habits can maintain a misfortune and an uneasiness without being aware of it. To succeed in identifying them is already a step towards happiness.

Waiting for others or the future

One of the worst habits away from happiness is to say that we will be happy when something happens, others change or bring us something special. This can be for example a promotion, a better salary, a relationship, a loss of weight ...

To wait for circumstances to lead us to happiness is actually a waste of time that fuels unhappiness and sadness. Rather than projecting into the future, it is better to focus on the present moment and be happy now since the future will always be uncertain.

Buy to feel happy

Although money contributes to comfort that improves well-being and happiness, many studies have shown that acquiring material goods can also be a source of sadness and misery.

This paradox is explained by the fleeting and ephemeral happiness of the purchase which then gives way to disappointment and the desire to acquire even more. Rather than focusing on shopping, it's better to spend more time with your hobbies and with the people you love.

Have a bad diet

The role of diet in psychological well-being goes beyond the simple pleasure of eating, but also the supply of vitamins and essential elements for the proper functioning of the brain.

A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as omega-3 improves the mood, and therefore the perception of his own happiness.

Video: A simple way to break a bad habit. Judson Brewer (April 2020).