Test your memory

I propose a little test. Try to remember two words. For example: lemon-lock.

They will be used to test your memory capacity, because small memory disorders affect one in two people after 50 years. No wonder considering the fear - we can even speak of panic - aroused by Alzheimer's disease, that these memory problems are about to dethrone the sacrosanct pain, in the train of complaints of the elderly subject.

However, we must first de-dramatize, because these small concerns are in most cases defective attention and absolutely not the first signs of a future dementia. On the other hand, one must not underestimate this drop in concentration, because the person who suffers it becomes less sure of himself and ends up isolating himself.

These difficulties, and these consequences, moreover, everyone has seen one day in old people around him. Conversation with others is less easy. The processing of two simultaneous messages or the organization of two mental operations at the same time becomes delicate. Specifically, the sufferer will have difficulty performing multiple tasks, complete what is undertaken, keep the thread, change strategy quickly ...

In short, if you think you recognize more or less in this description, you should consult, first a general practitioner and the slightest doubt, a specialized consultation in memory. Because there will be solutions, and in this area particularly promising in number of potential patients, research is intense. An example, we begin to know how to explain the chemical mechanism inside our cells that allows us to store and restore our memories.

And there are many exercises, even specialized journals to train this memory that is often compared - a bit wrongly - to a muscle. This is why it is important to perform memory tests. So now, do you remember the two words from the beginning? This is how these tests begin.

Video: Memory Test: How Good is Your Memory? (April 2020).