"My healthy recipes": what is the new book of Thibault Geoffray, the star of Instagram?

The star of the social network Instagram Thibault Geoffray, followed by more than 500,000 people, publishes his first book: "My healthy recipes" (Marabout edition).

When you walk in the Cultura de la Defense store in Paris, you can not miss it. The first book of social networking star Instagram Thibault Geoffray, titled My healthy recipes (Marabout Edition), sits on several rows of shelves, prominently among the other books on offer. "I wrote this book at the request of my followers," says the young man with the perfect plastic, followed by more than 500,000 subscribers. "Since I offer a lot of recipes, it's easier to put them together in paper than on Instagram, where they are hunted as I add them. his phone in all his kitchen, "he continues.

Eat as much as you want

The word "healthy", now common in France, is originally an English word, which means "healthy" or "good for health". It sums up well the dietary approach of our influencer: eat as much as you want, but only dietary products, all accompanied by a regular sports activity. "Stop starving yourself! EAT LESS WILL NOT LOSE WEIGHT, worse, it will put your body into starvation, you will conserve fat while eating three leaves of salads", explains in the preamble Thibault Geoffray. "My secret is to properly balance the recipes in a meal or a day, which allows for consistent and healthy dishes, which initiate thinning without restriction.It is necessary to" feed "his body with the right ingredients", says he.

The instagram puts here, and rightly, the finger on the dangerous effect yo yo diets too restrictive, and on the concept of "hollow calories". Some calories are used in the body, and are well assimilated. Others are useless, and are therefore stored as fat. Concretely, eating a bag of industrial candies or a bag of organic almonds will bring you the same number of calories, but the first will be much bigger than the second. In this logic, the recipe "easy express pancakes" (page 58) excludes the use of refined white sugar (hollow calories), to replace it with grated coconut, almond milk, aroma of vanilla and honey (full calories).

"Eating must remain a pleasure"

"Eating must remain a pleasure, even when we are trying to lose weight, otherwise we can not keep the distance, and to get to good and healthy, we just have to start by changing the basic products of his cupboards", insists Thibault Geoffray, before mentioning his favorite ingredient in the field. "One of my favorite foods is sweet potato, which is never thought of, but used instead of white flour, it is a delicious and much more dietetic dish."

Short and intensive sports sessions

To perfect this lifestyle change, the star of social networks also offers, before exposing its recipes, intensive sports sessions, which do not exceed 25 minutes, to do at least four times a week. Again, Thibault Geoffray is right, since the WHO recommends adults aged 18 to 64 years to practice at least, during the week, 150 minutes of endurance activity of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of activity of endurance of sustained intensity. Another possible choice is an equivalent combination of moderate and sustained intensity activity.

In short, a book to follow without moderation. Keep in mind, however, that the goal of good nutrition and regular sport is not to have a perfect body, but to be and stay healthy. As demonstrated by many studies, sedentary lifestyle and junk food carry many pathologies (obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, depression, etc ...).

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